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Toyota Prius 2010 Review

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Name: Austin         Location: USA         Date of Review: Jun 10


Overall, I think the new Prius looks a lot sportier than its 
predecessor. The last generation Prius was bubbly and cute and
yet got made fun of by people who simply thought the idea of a
hybrid was laughable. Now, with my 2010 Prius, Barcelona Red
Metallic, I have people coming up to me and saying how good the
car looks and how I should expect to see them in one soon. The
LED headlamps are rubbish though, don't expect much out of them.

The lines are pretty cool, the point of the odd body lines is to
keep the air sticking to the car, and the sharp cut-off in the
rear slits the air right off. Total drag coefficient is .25, the
most aerodynamic production car available. 


If you want sportiness, and don't mind sacrificing  comfort, and
ride quality, the V model with the 17" profile wheels and leather 
seats make for a very bumpy, noisy ride. The only add-on's for
the V model are, dynamic radar cruise control, intelligent
parking assist, lane keep assist, and pre-collision system. I
have found that I never use the parking assist, or the lane keep
assist, and the only thing that's helpful is the dynamic radar
cruise control. It matches the speed of the person in front of
you so that way you don't have to step on the brake to disengage
the cruise. 

If you ask me, I would rather get a normal Prius II - IV and the
reason is because, believe it or not, it is a lot quieter and so
much smoother. Though if you want a sporty look and must have a
fully loaded model, then the V is yours. 

By the way, let me explain how it feels inside, the cloth has a
nice feel and is very soft. The leather interior wrinkles very
fast and I wouldn't waste my time on it, unless you have to have
leather. The dash plastics feel high class and soft to the
touch. Unfortunately, Toyota decided to lose the large colorful
Energy Display and put is a rather crummy Vacuum Fluorescent
display that looks to be straight off an 80's video game. It is
hard to see the arrows from each power source when in sunlight.


I have recorded a 0-60 time of about 9.3 seconds. Toyota states
the top speed of 112mph, but the funny thing is, I have topped
mine out at 117mph so I'm going to stick with my facts. Overall
MPG is impressive, at a speed of 55mph, the Prius can average
over 75mpg.


I bought a model III Prius, Barcelona Red Metallic that has the
JBL sound system with eight speakers, and a six disc in dash CD
changer, Bluetooth, and audio Bluetooth. It rides beautifully
and looks great. My life partner has the V model though, and I'm
not impressed with it too much.


Amount paid - $24,750

Options - Model III includes XM radio, Bluetooth phone, and
audio. 6 disc in dash CD changer, and JBL premium sound with 8
speakers and star safety system.


5/5 stars.
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