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Toyota Prius 3 Images

Toyota Prius Front Quarter High The stylish looks of the latest Toyota Prius are a big improvement on the outgoing model. Toyota Prius Rear All versions of the Prius 3 come with keyless entry/ignition.
Toyota Prius Console Controls The drive-by-wire automatic gear stick is within easy reach of the driver position. Toyota Prius Front High A front close-up showing the low, ground-hugging air dam.
Toyota Prius Side Front Power from the Hybrid Synergy Drive has been increased to 134 bhp with a 0-60 time of 10.1 seconds. Toyota Prius Fuel Economy The digital instrument display includes a fuel efficiency chart of the previous 30 minutes.
Toyota Prius Rear Quarter Low The Prius features a Kamm-tail for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Toyota Prius Front Quarter Low The Prius 3 is good to drive with the CVT automatic gearbox providing for smooth acceleration.
Toyota Prius Steering Wheel A practical feature for drivers are the touch tracer controls mounted on the steering wheel. Toyota Prius Side With five doors, a roomy interior and ample boot space, the Prius 3 makes a good choice for a family car.
Toyota Prius Boot Cover As with its predecessor the luggage compartment features a retractable cover. Toyota Prius Alloy Wheels This T3 version of the Prius is equipped with 15 inch alloy wheels.

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