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Toyota Prius Review

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Name: Kevin          Location: Surrey      Date of Review: Jul 09

I've had my Prius from new in 2006 and coming up to three years
and 25000 miles. I am still not overly keen on the looks (but
what true petrol head would be??) and it's no drivers car, but
as practical day to day transport that takes me into central
London each day its truly hard to beat. Even though I rarely get
over 45mpg (no doubt due to the fact that I am often in a hurry
and can't spare the horses), it's still good return given I
spend so much time in traffic. 

The car is comfortable and very easy to drive and frankly has all
the mod cons so very easy to live with except on long motorway 
runs when I can really do with more grunt especially if I am
fully loaded with people and their "stuff".

In any case I traded in my Audi A4 for this, and as much as it 
grieves me to admit it I think I will be looking past an Audi, 
BMW or Merc and going back for the new model when it comes out
next month to replace this one!

So I guess I have been sold on the car and let's face it the new 
one does look slightly better proportioned and a bit more 
aesthetically pleasing; so hopefully it will address the few
shortfalls and criticisms I have of the current model.

If you thinking about it and you come into a central London a lot
... think no more and buy one. If you don't have to come into
central London/Town buy a diesel Audi or BMW and you can offset
the slightly weaker fuel economy for the far greater driving
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