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Name: DoDo           Location: Tuscany     Date of Review: Jan 07

I own a MY06 - navi park assistance and the other stuff - and I
found it fantastic! I fill it just after 300 miles, as I usually
did with other cars, but in this very amazing case, the fuel tank
is half-full. 

For me, I live in Rome, Italy, and I was free to buy almost any
vehicle, the choice it's been done in respect of a mostly high 
risk environment, that, in my town, has reached incredible levels
of smog pollution. 

The most astonishing and unbelievable thing is that the very very
foolish Italian government has bought for its ministers and port
authority Prius in 04 and 05, but, for the common people, no tax
or insurance reductions or any kind of incentive to reduce
pollutions to encourage choices like mine are been studied.

Anyway, I am a real Prius enthusiast and I made just a few miles 
- about 5.500 - because, thanks to the uprising global warming, I
am able during the warm winter, to use daily my BMW motorcycle, 
due also to the traffic conditions, which in Rome, are almost 
similar to complete paralysis. 

Nevertheless, me and my girlfriend, having a couple of days off, 
we cruised towards Siena, passing by San Gimignano and other 
amazing places. No troubles of any kind, with my beautiful 
hybrid, I can't say the same about my relationship, but, 
whatever, we are in our not early 40ties, and everybody knows
what I am talkin'  about........

In conclusion I want to tell to all readers that the Prius is a
pretty pretty good choice, a full 8 year guarantee on the
battery package, very comfortable for long travels and, as you
all can imagine, unique economy for the vehicle. Plus the usual
perfect service of Toyota, maybe the most efficient auto brand
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