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Toyota Prius Review

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Name: Chris          Location: Australia   Date of Review: May 10

I'm not a Prius owner, but had the use of one for work for 2
weeks. In that time frame you quickly learn what you like and
don't like.


The rear split window is hopeless, and with a cargo barrier its
worse. Side view is rather poor too. Can't see the front of the
car as it drops away too much (and I'm 6 foot)


Acceleration is ok - but it revs very hard and harshly when
climbing a long hill. I used this for country driving and some
city work. In the city its reasonable and fuel use is good -
but after 40000km the engine cutting in/out is a bit jerky.
The battery does not maintain full charge easily.

In country driving 110km/h the hybrid tech is laughable - it
uses the petrol engine giving about 5.5-6 l/100km - my petrol
Mitsubishi AWD SUV gives that in country use too.

The battery didn't seem to hold charge very well (60%) - but
that's a design feature from what I've read. Handling was ok -
held the road ok at 110km/h and on windy roads. Probably helped
by all that weight it carries low down in batteries.


To start with, starting and running is not intuitive. Designed
by a committee in my opinion. The key/power on/brake combination
to start is not the norm - this mucking about harks back to the
1920s when every manufacturer used a different method for
accelerator/brake/gear change. The gear lever thing is a bit
like a toy.

The central console display is a bit odd - sure you can control
a lot of things from the steering wheel (which is a plus), but
learning the way is not intuitive either. It's actually
information overload - and I wound up with it off most of the

That digital speed/fuel display is a joke (same in the Yaris/
Echo). Dials/gauges are easier to interpret - but you don't have
that here! And when you turn on the lights for country driving
you can't read the display even with the brightness at maximum. 

Cruise control is actually ok - at least on flattish roads. It
holds speed fairly tightly. But it can run away a bit down a


Seating is ok, but in the intermediate version I had the
adjustments were a bit limited. Air-conditioner seems ok but not
really tested in hot weather. Storage is ok.


A few too many negatives for me. I think turbo diesel is a better
alternative at present. As I mainly do country driving this is
not a good choice. In city use it should be ok - but the downside 
from my view are the controls etc. Glad I had the chance to try
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