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Name: Brian          Location: Bucks       Date of Review: Aug 10

Took delivery of the T-Spirit in Feb'10. Deceptively spacious
inside, and and just right for a family of four. I was a bit
disappointed at first with the mpg but after 9K+ on the clock I
am now achieving 62mpg without much effort. Read full review

Name: R Beaumont     Location: Yorks       Date of Review: Aug 10

How interesting to read all the other reviews, I wonder how many
of them are sponsored by TOYOTA themselves. We purchased our T4
in May this year and after a decent amount of test time my
strongest advice to anyone reading these reviews is don't buy
one, this car is a complete let down and is sold by TOYOTA on the
back of a lie and what's more a blatant lie too.

In all the TOYOTA sales literature it clearly states Government
figures show the car is capable of averaging 72 mpg.† What car
magazine is less generous but still somewhat wide of the mark at
70 mpg. The PRIUS is clearly not capable of averaging 72 mpg.
We have now driven a total of 3,664 miles and here are the stats.
Best performance 58.6 mpg.† Current performance 56.1 mpg at an
average speed of 39 mph!

I would find it less un-acceptable if the car was achieving say
65 mpg but it simply is not and I doubt if it ever will.† Watch
out TOYOTA you are in for one heck of a shock.† Moral of the tale
you can fool half of your customers for half of the time but you
can't fool ALL of your customers all of the time.

To conclude; there are many other technical faults with the data
management systems but your†patience my time are both limited I

Name: Kathy Mann     Location: Virginia    Date of Review: Jul 10

Fob will not unlock doors.† Bought new battery and it still did
not work.† Several weeks later, it started working.† Then after
filling up with gas, the car would only go into neutral or park
and every light on the dashboard lit up and it lost all power and
had to be towed to the dealership.† They could find nothing

Then it lost power again about a month later and I pulled off on
shoulder, used another key and it started and I made it home.
All lights on the dashboard were lit.† For three days, I started
the engine and finally got the nerve to drive it to the
dealership, which is an hour away.† Again, they could find
nothing wrong.† I never know if I will be stranded or not.

Name: Austin         Location: USA         Date of Review: Jun 10

Overall, I think the new Prius looks a lot sportier than its 
predecessor. The last generation Prius was bubbly and cute and 
yet got made fun of by people who simply thought the idea of a
hybrid was laughable. Read full review

Name: Chris          Location: Australia   Date of Review: May 10

I'm not a Prius owner, but had the use of one for work for 2
weeks. In that time frame you quickly learn what you like and
don't like. Read full review

Name: Bea            Location: USA         Date of Review: May 10

I purchased a 2009 Touring in 9/09 and liked the car but it has a
couple nasty rattles on the driver's side window and driver's
side dashboard.† All we get from Toyota is "as designed .. can't
fix it"! We paid more than $30,000 and this is what we get.† 

Happy with overall performance. Notice it does not like driving
in high winds so we drive slower during those occasions.

Name: Andrew         Location: W. Midlands Date of Review: May 10

Have just taken my Prius into the garage for the recall on the
brakes, this car was new and† delivered on March 5th however the
upgrade had not been done prior to release which was very

There is also a problem with the braking system when going over
speed bumps or hitting a pot hole at low speeds - the car surges
forward briefly. The garage has advised this is due to the
computer controlling the brakes and when sensing the different
speeds in the wheels it tries to correct. It is very brief
sensation but can be disconcerting. 

Overall the car is excellent with good fuel consumption between
62 and 65mpg during a mixture of urban and motorway driving. It's
very comfortable to drive long distances which it does with no

Name: C E Pike       Location: Cambs       Date of Review: Mar 10

I have just taken my Prius in for recall on A.B.S. Wonderful
service was given by Thurlow Nun - very efficient in every way.
I have not experienced any problems prior to this and the Prius
is an excellent car with great M.P.G. In spite of the recent bad
press, it will not put me off buying Toyotas in the future. Well
done Toyota!

Name: Mike           Location: Worcs       Date of Review: Mar 10

Have had a 3rd generation T Spirit Prius since Sept 2009 - 1.8
engine. Great car, pleasure to drive and very relaxing. Just had
the recall for the software upgrade on the ABS. No trouble and
Westlands Toyota Stourbridge were very sympathetic. Fuel varies
in cold weather from 48mpg to 62mpg and need very careful driving
to get Toyota's 72mpg plus! Would be nice to have the optional
extras as standard on this top of the range Prius. Would
recommend the Prius to anyone.

Name: M Palmer       Location: Hampshire   Date of Review: Mar 10

ABS modification carried with usual efficiency the best car I 
have ever owned in my 48 years of driving. Thank you Toyota and
especially Hedge End.

Name: Giako          Location: Switzerland Date of Review: Feb 10

The brake problem does not exist. I have a second-generation
Prius and for over 112000 km I have had no problem with the
brakes. It is clear that when travelling with only the electric
motor in a very short time the engine produces the right pressure
needed to stop well. Clearly on a standard depression the servo
motor braking is constant and uninterrupted.

Name: Lawrence       Location: Cardiff     Date of Review: Feb 10

Had mine now for some 15 months as a company car so it works out
well for tax matters. Easy to drive but very poor on fuel economy
considering its green credentials. Best ever economy was 55 mpg,
that was in the summer, however, in the winter its about 48 mpg.
I used to get 60 mpg from my Skoda Superb on regular occasions.
Services are also a scandal at £240.00 per time at every 10K
miles. With Skoda the first service was at 32,000 miles ! Would
I have another one next year... probably not.

Name: Barbara        Location: USA         Date of Review: Dec 09

Is anyone having trouble with the 2009 or the 2010 Prius motor
cutting off while driving so that you have coast off to the
shoulder of the highway - no power? Once off the highway, you can
restart the engine and it will be fine to drive again. We fear we
will have an accident in this car. We bought a 2009 Prius new and
when it shut down in traffic driving twice, we decided to get rid
of it and traded it in on a 2010 Prius. We were shocked when the
2010 shut off while driving on I-95 in Florida going 75 mph.
That's two brand new Prius cars that are shutting off while
driving on interstate highways. Does anyone else have this
trouble with their 2009 or the 2010?

Name: Sarah          Location: Durham      Date of Review: Dec 09

Your Review: I loved the Prius from when a year ago I had it for
2 weeks as a hire car. I loved the design, the fact it was
automatic, smooth, just an amazing car to drive. I thought it was
my dream car and had to have one.

I purchased my own (not new, a 2005 one) in June this year, and
have had so many electrical problems with it.

The 12v battery died after just a couple of days of non use, or
even after a long drive (very random when it will happen though)
and now the weather is cold it needs jump starting every day. A
diagnostic has been run on the battery and there is nothing wrong
with it, but Toyota cannot find another problem. I have had to
call out the AA 7 times in 5 months.

This is also causing problems with locking and unlocking the car.
When you press the lock button only certain doors will lock,
others simply will not. Not a problem with the battery in the

MPG is not that brilliant, I average at about 44, I'm not a fast
driver, and actually I get better mpg on a motorway than driving
around town!

Overall I am disappointed. My dream car has become a nightmare
for me, looking online there are many many cases of this problem.
Would I buy a new one once my finance is up on this? Really not
sure. Probably not. Shame.

Name: Kevin          Location: Surrey      Date of Review: Jul 09

I've had my Prius from new in 2006 and coming up to three years
and 25000 miles. Read full review

Name: M Perry         Location: Kenilworth Date of Review: Feb 09

I have owned a Y reg Prius since 1 year old. It was a
demonstrator. Wonderful car to drive. The only faults to date is
there is a leak somewhere in the air conditioning system which
the Toyota dealer has been unable to find so the system slowly
looses all its gas. The other problem is the boot release in the
cab has just failed which means youmust use the key to open the

Name: Peter          Location: England     Date of Review: Nov 08

Bought my Prius brand new and everyone goes on about doing 50's 
and 60's to the gallon. I keep a check every time I fill up, and
for 4072 miles with 403.4 litres (with a mix of short and long
trips) it works out at 45.45 mpg. Took it to where I bought it
from and they said to ask Toyota themselves, their reply was that
they can't guarantee any mpg although in their magazine it says
65.7 mpg.

Name: Chris          Location: Geneva      Date of Review: Oct 08

Bought the Prius at the start of July and so far only one top up
and still over half a tank of gas left. (over 950KM)

Despite mainly short journey's that don't really give the Prius
time to fully benefit from its PHEV still getting over 53MPG
(5.3l/100Km). This could be easily improved by a couple of MPG by
increasing the tire pressure to the owner recommended 42/40 PSI.

Not really had the change to do any really long distance driving
other than a test over the local mountains to see how well it
would cope (250 Km, 4.8L/KM) and can't wait till make first
return trip to the UK to see what sort of economy I can get.
(+2500 KM/ 1425 milesround trip - estimate 2.3 tanks on current

Despite a few quirks with the controls (Bluetooth phone
connections and programming, cruise control) this is by and far
the best car I've ever driven (so far).

The only possible problem that I have is that the speedometer
has been locked to KPH (as a French standard) so need to get a
dealer to unlock it.

Name: Tom            Location: Glasgow     Date of Review: Jun 08

I have now had my new Prius since September 2007 and I am
delighted with the car. On two journeys of 140 miles plus I got
68.4 to the gallon and my weekly average is 59 miles to the
gallon. The carís a pleasure to drive and I have managed to
convert two of my friends to purchase the new Prius. Hope there
shall be many more happy miles of cheap motoring.

Name: Steve          Location: USA         Date of Review: Mar 08

Costas, it is actually quite simple to enter the Prius. Simply
remove the manual key from the FOB with the release button on the
top side, then unlock the driver's door. Then simply sit down,
recline the seat and reach for the lock in the back.. It's
actually very simple, requiring no "expertise" at all. You don't
even need to be an amateur to do it. Bottom line, the Prius is an
incredibly well designed car.

Name: Ian            Location: Sydney      Date of Review: Feb 08

I think that this little (big) car is the absolutely best car to
have ever been designed. As an engineer with an 80km / day
commute, I love its fuel efficiency, smooth drivability, gadgets,
engineering excellence and simplicity.

Best car I have ever owned. I do not think there is anything in
this car's hybrid system that is designed to wear out. Currently
at 28000Km in 12 months and 2 services with nothing more than
fluid changes. I am wrapped!

Name: Costas         Location: USA         Date of Review: Feb 08

I have a 06 Prius and I am very satisfied so far, but: since the
car was not to be used for a number of months, I disconnected the
negative terminal of the 12-volt battery (Toyota's
recommendation). However, when I went to re-connect it I found
the rear door locked! Now, how do you get to the battery with a
locked rear door? With no battery the remote of course does not
work. The manual describes a procedure to open the rear door from
the inside. It is not easy. Certainly not easy for an amateur.
I think the location of the battery (cramped in the rear) and the
design of the rear door (without an outside key access) is very
very poor!!!!!

Name: Ivan           Location: Australia   Date of Review: Sep 07

I am fascinated by the design and fuel consumption, however I do
find the suspension hard, there also appears to be a defect in
the roof lining (drop) and the front console lid lining coming
apart. Steering appears to be too sensitive at higher speed. I am
seriously considering fitting a softer tyre. My wife refuses to
drive the car. I guess she is comparing the Prius with her BMW
and a Nissan Maxima. 

Name: Deke           Location: Aberdeen    Date of Review: Jun 07

Wasn't impressed with Prius but, mainly because the dealer hadn't
bothered to have the battery pack charged so couldn't demo that
side of things. Otherwise I thought the sea of grey was
overpowering. I test drove the Honda Hybrid a couple of weeks ago
and it is a superb car to drive. Very relaxed and nice interior
as well.

If the next Prius cheers up inside and costs the same as the
Honda I will take another look else ... Oh and what about the
Prius economy - latest 'Green test' in Autoexpress magazine has
it 10th on the frugal hatchback list - not very good that. I
drive a small diesel just now and going by the Autoexpress fuel
figure for the Prius, I get around 14 to 16 mpg more with little
extra CO2 as well. I think Toyota have a bit to do to make
realistic fuel figures that at least match a diesel.

Name: Ray            Location: Zurich      Date of Review: May 07

My wife and I got the car at the end of March. We are very happy
with all the performances and gadgets. First tank filling after
600 Km: a little more then 30 Liter which makes roughly 
5.2 L/100Km. 

Only thing which still disturb me: here in Switzerland we usually
switch on the car lights even during the day for security reasons
(it is true, it is much better!) but the light of the odometer is
not strong enough, and the switch "day light" (Menu "display")
does not work. Toyota seems to know about this bug in the
computer program. Hope for a solution very soon (in the meantime
I have to keep the lights off). 

Otherwise I like to be able to fix the speed (useful on 
motorways) and the navigation system is very helpful. 

Name: Mervyn         Location: England     Date of Review: Feb 07

The Toyota Prius is great. The economy is excellent and I have
covered approx 35000 miles in 11 months.  Fuel saving is good and
I enjoy sitting at traffic lights with no noise - the birds sing
until a diesel pulls along side. Makes you feel like saying turn
it down please mate.  

I enjoy driving it and have had no problems. I have the T Spirit
navigation which is excellent although there is one snag - no
full post code which is very useful. Bluetooth phone connection
is very good but it is important to have the right phone to get
full use. I walk out to my Toyota Prius, jump in without
thinking - maps, phone kit etc. 

I'm looking forward to future models. All I can wind up with, is
thank you very much to Mr Toyota for this excellent car.

Name: DoDo           Location: Tuscany     Date of Review: Jan 07

I own a MY06 - navi park assistance and the other stuff - and I
found it fantastic! I fill it just after 300 miles, as I usually
did with other cars, but in this very amazing case, the fuel tank
is half-full. Read full review

Name: Andrew         Location: -           Date of Review: Jan 06

Just got a brand new 2006 T-Spirit in Tyrol Silver leather
steering wheel and optional Intelligent Park Assist and I love
it! Had it just over a week and completed the first 1,000 miles
this morning. 

Drove one of the original 2004 dealer demos nearly a couple of
years ago and the only thing I didn't like was the instability at
motorway speeds - glad to report that my one seems a lot better
so the 2005 model year mods seem to have made a difference. 
Averaged 49.5 mpg so far on a very tight engine, so hope to
average the right side of 50 mpg in due course and have just sent
off my congestion charge form to Coventry, though it's a cheek
they charge £10! 

One small thing, should the Odo and Kph/Mph switches next to the
hazard warning switch be illuminated at night, as my mine aren't?
Surprised that no-one else hasn't posted on this site yet other
than Dave. Anyone got experience of which Bluetooth phone works
best with the T-Spirit? 

Name: Dave           Location: London      Date of Review: Jan 05

If you can stomach the Prius`s space-age design, then in my
opinion, everything else falls into place. Amazing mpg, decent
pull when needed from the combined hybrid motors, quiet and
comfortable. Reliablilty also looks to be typical Toyota as I've
experienced no problems in the six months I've owned the car.

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