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Toyota Prius Review

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Name: Brian          Location: Bucks       Date of Review: Jul 10

Took delivery of a third generation T-Spirit in Feb' 2010. 
Deceptively spacious inside, and and just right for a family of
four. I was a bit disappointed at first with the mpg but after
9K+ on the clock I am now achieving 62mpg without much effort. 

Driving is quite comfortable and after the first week of
mastering the controls, I soon found out that the car works well
and is relatively responsive if driven with sensitivity. A
gradual "turning the volume up on a radio" like pressing of your
foot on the accelerator  makes for a very smooth ramping up to
the required cruising speed. A heavy footed approach will produce
high revs and what feels and sounds like a very strained and
strangled ramp up to speed.

I opted for the full monty with solar panels etc included, but
take note that this option will enforce a smaller wheel size and
loss of space saver spare wheel. This was not an issue for me but
the smaller wheel size does ever so slightly impair the

Viewing through to the rear window may appear strange at first
when you look at the split glass arrangement, however it is more
than adequate in terms of visibility. Front side visibility is
another matter with the wide pillars to the left and right of the
windscreen impairing vision to some degree when turning tight

The digital dashboard display is a little lack lustre and when
the sun is beaming in from the left side or the rear, it is
almost impossible to decipher when the sunlight strikes the
dashboard and appears to absorb the entire contents of the
digital display. Not such an issue here in the UK given that
beaming sunshine is a rarity but in other warmer climes I see
that you can buy a little sunshade as an optional extra (not from
Toyota) ;-).  

Head up display is pretty cool and especially so when you are
using it for sat navigation. 

The high price of the car I guess is more driven by the cost of
the technology implemented as opposed to the wrap around chassis
and accessories. For the top of range Prius you are looking at
circa 28K which I would guess either rules it out for some
buyers due to high cost and for others due to better value for
money offered by alternative manufacturers. 

In spite of some of the negatives (and let's face it you can find
similar faults in most vehicles) I could have chosen an
alternative vehicle but I am very happy with my choice. It's fun
to drive something radically different to the norm. 

So if you like unique, being different to the norm and smart eco
technology floats your boat, this is the car for you. Boy or girl
racers need not apply.....
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