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Toyota Prius Video

This page contains some short video clips of both the Toyota Prius 2
and 3.

Prius 3 Front Exterior

A T3 version of the new Prius seen here in deepest darkest Surrey.

Prius 3 Rear Exterior

The new car is even more streamlined that the Mk 2 and is a big step up in the style department.

Prius 3 Front Cabin

The much improved dash of the Prius 3 with sleek centre console. Gadgets such as the HUD (Head up Display) should prove popular with drivers.

Prius 3 Rear Cabin

A view through the split tailgate of the Prius can take some getting used to. Passengers in the rear will find a generous amount of leg room.

Prius 2 on the road - 1

The Prius in action. This clip was taken on an A-road in Dorset, UK. The touch sensitive screen is showing the energy monitor. This displays a schematic of the current engine and performance status.

Prius 2 on the road - 2

Another clip of the Prius in motion. A few seconds of regenerative
braking can be seen as the green indicators show the battery being
charged briefly.

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