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Toyota Prius 2 Images

Toyota Prius Front The low down external Toyota Prius view. Bournemouth in the background. Toyota Prius Side The Prius falls into the medium car sized category. Dimensions are 4450 L x 1725 W x 1490 H (mm).
Toyota Prius Rear This green car benefits from low insurance groups. The T3 and T4 variants are UK group 7. T Spirit is set at 8. Toyota Prius Tailgate 65 MPG extra-urban cycle. UK Road Tax (VED) band B which is currently 35 for a full year.
Toyota Prius Bumper Acceleration from 0-60 takes 10.9 seconds. The top speed is 106mph. Toyota Prius Engine Under the bonnet. Hybrid Synergy electric motor on right. Petrol engine on the left.
Toyota Prius Alloy Wheels Where the traction comes from. 16 inch alloy wheels with locking nuts. Toyota Prius Side 76 bhp petrol engine combines with 67 bhp electric power under hard acceleration.
Toyota Prius Luggage Space Space in the boot is generous with 408 litres of luggage capacity available. Toyota Prius Dash Dashboard view. Transmission is via a CVT clutchless 4-speed gearbox. There is no manual Prius option.
Toyota Prius Passenger Space The Prius holds the highest Euro NCAP safety rating of five stars. Toyota Prius Front The Prius's environmentally friendly engine means it is exempt from the London congestion charge.

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