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Toyota Prius 2 Images

Toyota Prius Petrol Engine The Prius petrol engine close-up. Capacity is 1497cc which generates 76 bhp at 4000rpm. Toyota Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive Another close-up, this time of the magic under the bonnet - the Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive.
Toyota Prius Back Rear Prius view with tailgate up. Toyota Prius Close-up Bonnet and windscreen in detail.
Toyota Prius Multi Function Display The Multi Function Display shows fuel consumption and which power mode the car is currently running in. Toyota Prius Pedals A feet-eye view of the Prius pedal layout. Foot operated handbrake can be seen on the left.
Toyota Prius Doors The Prius has the second lowest drag profile in the motor industry behind the Honda Insight. Toyota Prius Side The Prius appears more streamlined than many other cars on the road and uses a cut-off Kammback tailgate.
Toyota Prius Side View The second generation Prius is taller than it's predecessor so giving better driving visibility. Toyota Prius Luggage Prius luggage compartment with cover extended.

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